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    Timetables & route maps

    Reading our timetables

    The front of a Sydney Buses timetableWhen you see one of our timetables, you'll notice the following:

    The Front Cover

    The name of the timetable is shown at the top of the cover, and a list of the route numbers of each service included in the timetable is listed on the left-hand-side.  The effective date of the timetable is also displayed at the top of the cover.

    Below the image on the right is a detailed description of the route, including days of operation and suburbs the services travel through.

    If the timetable contains trips which are operated using wheelchair-accessible buses, the top of the cover will show the international Symbol of Accessibility Symbol of Accessibility

    Image of a map inside a timetable.

    The Route Map

    section point icon Every timetable contains a Route Map showing the suburbs that the route operates to, and the streets that it travels along. Train stations, ferry wharves, transport interchanges and other points of interest are also shown.

    timing point iconThe letters indicate timing points, which correspond to the rows listed in the timetable.  The rows show when the bus is scheduled to arrive at that location. 

    Generally, bus stops are located approximately every 400 metres on most State Transit's routes, while Limited Stops and Express services stop only at selected bus stops.

    The Timetable

    Timetable inside

    Using the Route Map, find the two timing points your bus stop is located between.  Then, locate these two timing points on the timetable.  Your bus is scheduled to arrive between the times shown for these points.  For example, if your bus stop is situated between timing points ‘A’ & ‘B’ and on the map, then the bus is scheduled to arrive between the times shown.

    Most routes operate in two directions, the details of which are shown above the timing points on each page.  The arrival times are usually seperated into three sections:  Monday to Friday times, Saturday times, and Sunday & Public Holiday times. 

    Arrival times of buses in the morning (between 12 midnight and 11:59am) are shown in normal text.  Times of buses shown arriving in the afternoon and evening (between 12 midday and 11:59pm) are shown in bold text. 

    PrePay only services are denoted using purple-coloured text.  You must purchase a ticket prior to boarding these services or use an Opal card, as tickets are not sold on board the bus.  Tickets are available from ticket outlets located throughout the Sydney Buses network - remember, MyBus TravelTen and MyMulti tickets save you time and money! 

    Travel Hint:  we ask that you arrive at your bus stop no less than five minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, and have your ticket ready prior to joining the bus. 

    The Rear Cover

    timetable-back.jpgThe rear cover provides information on how to read your timetable, and who to contact for lost property enquiries

     Information about our discounted multi-ride tickets, and assistance regarding accessibility for customers with mobility difficulties is also shown. contains additional information on travelling throughout the Greater Sydney, Hunter, Illawarra and Blue Mountains areas by public transport.  It also contains information on ticketing, service interruptions, and the best way to travel to special events.

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