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    Calculating Sections

    What are sections?

    Section point imageBus routes are broken down into ‘sections’ so that you only pay for the distance you travel. The cost of MyBus tickets are based on sections.

    A section is approximately 1.6km. Sections are marked on all of our Route maps and are shown on some bus stops signs. 

    How many sections do I need to pay for?

    To work out the number of sections you travel, you can do one of the following:

    • Count the number of sections on the route – see below.
    • Call 131500  select options 1 then 2.
    • Ask the bus driver when you board the bus.

    Using a route map to count sections

    Trip sections are displayed on route maps. To calculate the number of sections in your journey, follow these steps:

    1. Select the bus route you plan to use.
    2. Find the point where you will start your journey.
    3. Find the point where you will end your journey.
    4. Count the sections, or part thereof, that you will travel through.

    Section Point guide image

    E.g. If you board the bus in section 10 as shown above and leave the bus in section 8, then you have travelled in sections 10, 9 & 8 (3 sections). You will need to buy a 3-5 section ticket for this journey.

    You need to count every section that you travel in, whether you are travelling the whole section or only part of it.

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