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    Pass Replacement

    Transport for NSW offers a replacement pass for lost, stolen or damaged passes. An administration fee of $20 (including GST) applies.

    Look after your pass

    It is important to look after your pass and store it in the pouch provided. Do not damage or alter it. If you do, your pass automatically becomes invalid.

    The magnetic strip holds vital information, so it's not a good idea to store your pass next to any magnetic fields, including any card with a similar magnetic strip.

    If you have deliberately damaged or misused your pass, or if it is lost or stolen, you will have to pay the replacement fee for your new pass. Until you get a new pass, you will have to buy a ticket each time you use the bus.

    Only passes damaged by State Transit's validation machines will be replaced free of charge.

    How to Apply

    Print off the replacement pass form. Completed applications must be accompanied with payment using a cheque, money order or credit card, and sent to:

    Transport for NSW
    Passes & Concessions Office
    Locked Bag 5085

    Allow a minimum of ten working days for processing.


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