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    Timetables & Maps

    Reading our timetables

    Front Cover

    image of front cover of timetable

    The name of the timetable is shown at the top, with the route numbers down the left hand side.

    Below the image of one of our friendly bus operators is a detailed description of the route, including days of operation and suburbs visited.

    icon of accessible tripsThe international wheelchair symbol is shown at the top if the timetable contains wheelchair accessible trips.

    The effective date is displayed near the top.


    image of timetable map


    Inside every timetable is a map showing the route. Train stations and other points of interest are also shown.

    timing point iconThe letters indicate timing points, which correspond to the columns listed in the timetable to show when the bus is due to arrive at that location along the route.

    It is not possible to display every bus stop on our maps as there is a stop approximately every 400m within Newcastle.

    image of inside timetableTimetable

    The direction of travel is displayed across the top of the timetable.

     Each column shows the timing point, which correspond to the letters on the map.

    To work out when the bus is due at your stop, find your nearest timing point on the day you wish to travel and read down the column to find the best trip time. Each trip is listed on a new row. If a trip is preceded by a letter, check the explanations box for details.

    It is not possible to display the time for every bus stop, which is why timing points are used. These indicate when the bus is due at various intervals along the route. Customers can estimate the times at stops between timing points.

    Alternatively, visit to get the exact times, as follows.

    • Enter your route number
    • Select the direction of travel
    • Click on the route number at the top of each trip for a route diagram (all bus stops and times)

    image of back of timetableBack Pages

    The back cover provides instructions on how to read the timetable and who to contact for lost property enquiries.  It also provides information about our discounted multi-ride tickets.



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