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22nd September 2005

New Accessible Bus Routes

Confirmation has just been received that Newcastle buses has received an additional 15 wheelchair accessible buses.

Commencing 9th October, 2005 there will be a limited accessible timetable for Routes 322 and 363, and additional accessible services will be available on the already partially accessible Route 350.

These services add to the already accessible 226 route.

These additional wheelchair accessible buses represent an improvement to connections between Newcastle’s suburbs and major shopping centres and other facilities like Newcastle University and the John Hunter Hospital.

The Route 363 will give those wheelchair users who live in the Cardiff, Glendale and Lake area access to public transport.

Route 363 runs from Newcastle Train Station through Broadmeadow, New Lambton shops, John Hunter Hospital, Cardiff shops, Glendale Supacentre, then around the Lake back to Belmont.

Similarly, Route 322 will give residents at Dudley and Redhead limited access to accessible public transport as it runs from Newcastle, Broadmeadow, Westfield Kotara, Charlestown, and then out through Kahibah, Whitebridge, Dudley, Redhead and back to Belmont.

The full list of Accessible services for Newcastle which will be available from 09 October are listed here:

ROUTE 322 - Monday to Friday
Newcastle Station: 12.01pm, 2.01pm
Belmont (Lake Macquarie Village): 9.04am, 11.04am
ROUTE 322 - Saturday
Newcastle Station: 12.12pm, 2.12pm
Belmont (Lake Macquarie Village): 9.16am, 11.16am
ROUTE 322 - Sunday
Newcastle Station: 12.07pm, 2.07pm
Belmont (Lake Macquarie Village): 9.32am, 11.32am

ROUTE 350 - Monday to Friday
Newcastle Station: 8.11am, 9.11am, 10,11am, 11.11am, 12.11pm, 1.11pm, 2.11pm
Swansea Heads: 9.54am, 10.54am, 11.54am, 12.54pm, 1.54pm, 3.54pm
ROUTE 350 - Saturday
Newcastle Station: 8.22am, 9.22am, 10.22am, 11.22am, 12.22pm, 1.22pm, 2.22pm, 3.22pm, 4.22pm
Swansea Heads: 8.02am, 9.02am, 10.02am, 11.02am, 12.02pm, 1.02pm, 2.02pm, 3.02pm, 4.02pm
ROUTE 350 - Sunday
Newcastle Station: 8.47am, 9.47am, 10.47am, 11.47am, 12.47pm, 1.47pm, 2.47pm, 3.47pm, 4.47pm
Swansea Heads: 9.18am, 10.18am, 11.18am, 12.18pm, 1.18pm, 2.18pm, 3.18pm, 4.18pm

ROUTE 363 - Monday to Friday
Newcastle Station: 10.07am, 11.07am, 12.07pm, 2.17pm
Belmont (Alick Street): 9.08am, 10.08am, 12.08pm, 1.08pm
ROUTE 363 - Saturday
Newcastle Station: 10.02am, 11.02am, 12.02pm, 2.02pm
Belmont (Alick Street): 8.56am, 9.56am, 11.56am, 12.56pm
ROUTE 363 - Sunday
Newcastle Station: 10.17am, 11.17am, 12.17pm, 2.17pm
Warners Bay: 9.37am, 10.37am, 11.37am, 12.37pm

ROUTE 226 - Monday to Friday
Charlestown (Smart Street): 5.46am, 6.14am, 6.50am, 7.43am, 8.52am, 9.52am, 10.52am, 11.52am, 12.52pm, 1.52pm, 2.52pm, 3.52pm, 4.52pm, 5.46pm, 6.48pm, 7.50pm, 8.45pm, 9.52pm
Newcastle (Scott Street): 7.30am, 8.13am, 9.28am, 10.28am, 11.28am, 12.28pm, 1.28pm, 2.38pm, 3.28pm, 4.28pm, 5.32pm, 6.32pm, 7.35pm, 8.35pm, 9.40pm
ROUTE 226 - Saturday
Charlestown (Smart Street): 6.01am, 7.01am, 8.01am, 9.06am, 10.06am, 11.06am, 12.06pm, 1.06pm, 2.06pm, 3.06pm, 4.06pm, 5.06pm, 6.01pm, 7.01pm, 8.01pm
Newcastle (Scott Street): 6.44am, 7.34am, 8.34am, 9.34am, 10.34am, 11.34am, 12.34pm, 1.34pm, 2.34pm, 3.34pm, 4.34pm, 5.34pm, 6.34pm, 7.34pm, 8.34pm, 9.34pm
ROUTE 226 - Sunday
Charlestown (Smart Street): 8.14am, 9.14am, 10.14am, 11.14am, 12.14pm, 1.14pm, 2.14pm, 3.14pm, 4.14pm, 5.14pm, 6.14pm
Newcastle (Scott Street): 8.37am, 9.37am, 10.37am, 11.37am, 12.37pm, 1.37pm, 2.37pm, 3.37pm, 4.37pm, 5.37pm, 6.37pm

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