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Network Review

Bus network reviews are part of State Transit's service program to improve bus services for our customers and in December 2007, Newcastle Buses developed a proposal to update the bus network. The brochure was distributed to 94,000 households in the Newcastle area and included an invitation to the community to comment on the proposal.

Bus routes and timetables are designed so that they are simple to understand, frequent, direct, reliable and accessible to the majority of the community.

Adjustments to our services are based on regional research and analysis of data including:

  • Transport data
  • Demographic data
  • Ticket data
  • Market research
  • Local and regional land use planning strategies
  • Service performance data.

Extensive community consultation with stakeholders and the community is important and considerable care will be taken to ensure that our services reflect the needs and wishes of the greatest number of passengers and residents.

Adjustments are intended to match current levels of demand and provide:

  • Direct transport links
  • Reliable and frequent services
  • Improved services to growing residential, employment and commercial areas.

As part of this service review process, Newcastle Buses are carefully considering all submissions and will advise the community of any changes.

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