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Newcastle Buses Jobs

Our recruitment team manages the employment of all positions available at State Transit.

These positions can range from Bus Operators, Management, Operations, Business, Administration and Trade positions, which are located in both head office and our two Newcastle Bus Depots.

All positions available to external applicants are advertised on

Click here for details on how to apply for a position at State Transit.

State Transit is a leader in the public transport industry and regularly updates its fleet of buses. These updates are providing greater levels of customer service and comfort to our passengers and Bus Operators. Latest additional features include the introduction of wheelchair accessible and air conditioned buses. As a result you will be required to operate a range of buses, all of which have radio communication with a central radio room, video and other security features. A potential new employee to State Transit is expected to be a safe driver, have good interpersonal/communication skills, good personal hygiene and presentation.

State Transit employees are well paid and receive benefits not available in many other companies, such as free travel on government–run services (applicable to full-time and part-time employees only).

State Transit pays for all your training to become a Bus Operator including the upgrade in your driver’s license from Class C to MR. You are employed from day one of the training so you get paid whilst you learn the job.

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Training and Employment

New Bus Operators are employed with State Transit in one of two ways. Those who are eligible to be offered a Traineeship are employed under a Training contract.

This is a temporary contract of employment between State Transit, the Department of Education & Training and the employee. Those who are not eligible to be offered a Traineeship are employed as a Bus Operator Level 1. This is a contract of employment between State Transit and the employee.

Training consists of a comprehensive on and off the job training program, tailored to suit your experience and individual needs and, if successful, leads to the award of Certificate III in Transport & Distribution (Road Transport).

A Bus Operator Trainer will conduct your practical driver training. He or she will assist you in obtaining your Medium Rigid license or refresh your bus driving skills. The training will take place at a State Transit depot and will include driving buses over a variety of routes operated from that depot.

The period of the Traineeship Program for full-time employees is two years; for part-time employees the period of time could increase depending on the hours worked. The majority of past Bus Operator trainees who have successfully completed the Traineeship program and performed to the required work standards have been offered permanent employment with State Transit.

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Hours of Work

Full-Time Bus Operators – work an average of 38 hours per week. Permanent employees are rostered from Monday to Saturday.

Part-Time Bus Operators – usually work less than 38 hours per week, from Monday to Saturday.

Each depot has different part-time shifts available.


Full-Time Bus Operators

After initial training (of approximately 4-5 weeks) new drivers are placed on a trainee roster to learn the routes and become more experienced operators. After completing a period of time on this roster, new drivers are transferred to work on what is known as the holiday relief roster. This contains all the permanent lines of work needing to be filled temporarily due to other operators taking leave. This means that you could work differing shifts daily. All new employees remain on the holiday relief roster until such a time that they gain a place on the permanent roster. Should you feel this might not suit your lifestyle and/or you have other commitments, perhaps you should consider part-time work. Applicants applying for full-time work must be able to answer “yes” to all the shiftwork questions on the application form.

Part-Time Bus Operators

They are allocated a set shift usually between 3-6 hours per day prior to commencing with State Transit. This shift is fixed but may be varied during school vacations.

Rates of Pay

Normal Rates of Pay

The following provides a guide only, on pay rates applicable:

  • $19.93 per hour for the first 12 months of employment, after this time, with a satisfactory work performance $21.43 per hour.
  • Casuals are paid $23.91 per hour.
  • Senior bus operators are paid $21.82 per hour.

Overtime Rates

The following rules are applied when calculating penalty and overtime rates for Bus Operators:

  • Overtime is paid on a daily basis after 8 hours 15 minutes have been worked.
  • Overtime is paid on a weekly basis after 40 hours have been worked.
  • Overtime is paid at a time and a half for the first 3 hours and double time thereafter and is applied on the daily or weekly overtime basis, whichever is the
  • greater advantage to the employee.
  • Saturdays are paid at time and a half when worked as part of the normal roster.
  • Sundays are voluntary overtime and paid at double time.
  • Hours worked before 7am and between 5pm and 8pm attract a 15% penalty. When a shift ends after 8pm, all the hours of the shift attract a 15% penalty.
  • Broken shifts attract a penalty rate when the spread of hours exceeds 9.5 hours. Time worked between a 9.5 hour and 10.5 hour spread is paid at time and a half. Time worked in excess of a 10.5 hour spread is paid at double time.

For example, a broken shift working from 6am to 10am and then from 2pm to 6pm would attract the following rates:

  • 6am to 10am – normal rates
  • 2pm to 3.30pm – normal rates
  • 3.30pm to 4.30pm – time and a half
  • 4.30pm to 6pm – double time

The maximum rate to be paid for any hours worked is double normal time. Shift penalty rates are not applied to overtime rates.

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Bus Operators receive excellent benefits, including:

  • Five weeks paid annual leave (shift workers) with 20% annual leave loading.
  • An additional rostered day off every 20 working days (full-time Bus Operators only).
  • Option to purchase up to 4 weeks additional annual leave each year.
  • 9% superannuation plus option to salary sacrifice.
  • 8 days sick leave a year, going up to 10 days sick leave after 5 years service and to 15 days after 7 years service.
  • 2 months long service leave after 10 years service with an additional 2 weeks long service leave for each additional year of service completed after 10 years.
  • Free staff TravelPass on Government bus, rail and ferry services in Sydney and Newcastle metropolitan areas and free family inter-state and intrastate rail travel (conditions apply).

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Selection & Assessment Stages

Applicants must submit a completed written application as outlined in this brochure.

To progress to the next stage of the selection process, applicants must meet the shiftwork and driving history requirements of the position. Where there is a competitive field of applicants, applicants’ suitability may also be determined with reference to their driving experience and work/life history.

Applicants must successfully pass two ability tests: a verbal comprehension test and a working with timetables test. The tests are conducted in a classroom with other applicants and full instructions and examples are provided on the day.

Applicants must successfully pass an interview.

In addition, you must pass reference checks, criminal history checks, medical examination/s and if required a practical assessment. A Ministry of Transport clearance will also be required for issue of a Driver Authority Card.

You only need to have a class C licence to apply and therefore will be required to obtain a heavy vehicle learners permit and purchase a Medium Rigid (MR) competency based log book and guide before you begin training. Should you already possess an MR licence this will not apply.

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Physical Job Requirements

The bus driver seats are designed to bear a maximum weight of 130 kg. All applicants must be no more than 130 kg at the time of appointment and as a condition of employment, will be required to maintain their weight below 130 kg.

It is important for State Transit to make sure new bus operators are able to sit safely and comfortably in the driver’s cabin and safely maintain control of the bus operating equipment. A practical assessment may be required to confirm that the applicant can safely drive the bus. The assessment includes checking an applicant can rotate the steering wheel without physical restriction, reach the pedals without straining and sit in the cabin with sufficient room to adopt a safe sitting posture.

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How to Apply

Fully complete and sign the attached application form and the declaration that you are not a prohibited person as defined by the Child Protection Act 1998. Attach a copy of your driving history to the application form, which should be obtained from the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA). Make sure it is no older than 4 weeks from the date of your application. Return it to the address on the back of the application form.

If you do not supply a copy of your driving history, your application may be considered incomplete and disregarded.

For further enquiries please contact The Recruitment Unit on 9245 5333.

When you Apply

  • You must have Australian citizenship or permanent residency.
  • You must have a current unrestricted Australian Drivers License and have held it for at least 12 months during the last 2 years.

You must have a good driving history defined as a minimum no drink driving offences in the last 3 years, no more than one loss of license in the past 8 years, no more than two of the same type of offence in the last 5 years and a minimum of 8 points remaining on the license. However, all your history will be assessed and State Transit reserves the right to reject applications for repetitive or highly dangerous offences.

You must not be a prohibited person as defined by the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 and must be considered, based on your criminal history, a fit and proper person to be issued with a Driver Authority Card.

If you have been employed before as a Bus Operator by State Transit, a review will be conducted of your employee file and referee check conducted with your previous depot to determine your suitability for re-employment.