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    Scania L113CRL

    The delivery of State Transit's first low-floor Scania bus in 1994 heralded a new era for the fleet.


    Scania L113CRL


    Bus 3511 toured the Sydney and Newcastle networks demonstrating a number of new features: a stepless entry which provided improved access for customers with mobility difficulties and with prams, hangstraps which allowed standing customers to hold on whilst the bus was in motion, and a slightly revised style of seating. These features have since become standard on all new State Transit buses.

    156 Scania low-floor buses operate throughout the Sydney Buses network, 76 of which are fitted with extendable ramps, providing access for customers using wheelchairs, prams and strollers.

    The buses are currently being refurbished, receiving improved seating, new flooring and handrails, and upgraded electronic destination signage.


    Facts & Figures

    Chassis: Scania L113CRL
    Built By: Ansair (Tullamarine & Tamworth)
    Length: 12.3 metres
    Seating Capacity: 43 (3693, 3695, 3712, 3737, 3746-3750, 3760, 3761, 3769, 3771, 3773, 3775, 3786-3846), 45 (3511, 3692, 3694, 3696-3711, 3713-3736, 3738-3745, 3751-3759, 3762-3768, 3770, 3772, 3774, 3776-3785)
    Fuel: Diesel
    Years entered service: 1994, 1996-1998


    Scania L113CRL


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