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    Buses and the Environment

    Bus Lane - Footbridge

    Motor vehicle emissions are the main source of air pollution in major cities, and make a substantial contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

    By driving your car an average of 50 kilometres a day, you contribute around 4 tonnes* of greenhouse gases, particulates and smog–causing pollutants to the atmosphere every year. This pollutes the air we breathe and contributes to environmental degradation.

    You can help reduce air pollution in your city by swapping your car trip for bus travel wherever possible. Every bus trip has the potential to keep around 50 cars off the road. Imagine the reduction in air pollution, noise pollution and traffic congestion if every person in Sydney swapped their car trip for bus travel, even just once every week

    Take the bus for a better environment for you and your family.

    Have a look at other ways of travelling smarter by visiting Living Greener.

    *Based on a single-occupant medium size car. Calculate your impact on the environment using the emissions calculator provided by Carbon Neutral.

    State Transit's Contribution to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    State Transit has an important role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport. Introducing new buses into our fleet that meet or exceed today’s stringent emissions standards enables us to continually move toward a more environmentally-friendly fleet of buses and to provide cleaner public transport services to residents and visitors of Sydney and Newcastle.

    For example, new buses introduced into our fleet emit less than one-tenth of the particulate matter emitted by older vehicles*. State Transit will continue to take delivery of both diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) buses that meet or exceed the current emissions standards.  

    State Transit’s Euro 5 buses were the first in the southern hemisphere and amongst the first Euro 5 diesel buses to be introduced into service worldwide. We have also begun taking delivery of ‘EEV’ (enhanced environmentally-friendly vehicle) buses, which exceed the current Euro 5 emissions standards.

    *Measured in grams per kilowatt hour, comparing a Euro 5 heavy vehicle with a Euro 1 heavy vehicle. Learn about emissions standards for heavy vehicles.


    View our environmental fact sheet and our Environmental Policy for more details on State Transit's commitment to the environment.

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