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State Transit's commitment to accessible travel

State Transit aims to improve accessibility by:

  • buying only fully accessible buses with space for two mobility aids. Currently almost 50% of the fleet is wheelchair accessible and we have a target of over 60% by 2010
  • introducing more wheelchair accessible trips.
  • providing passenger information in appropriate ‘easy access’ formats; and,
  • making our facilities accessible.

What are accessible buses?

Accessible buses have:

  • Stepless low level floors
  • Large brightly coloured handrails
  • Wide doors, wide aisles and space for two mobility aides such as wheelchairs, some ride-on scooters and prams or strollers
  • An accessible doorway with an extendable ramp for use by mobility aids, as required. This doorway is signed with the international access symbol.

Policy for the carriage of Wheelchairs, Prams and Strollers

Many mobility aides are allowed on Sydney Buses but some, particularly 3-wheeled ride-on scooters are unsuitable due to their inherent instability while the bus is in motion. View our Policy on Carriage of Wheelchairs, Prams & Strollers for more information.

How do I know which trips are accessible?

  • Printed Timetables

    Accessible routes show the wheelchair symbol on the cover of the timetable and each accessible trip is marked with a wheelchair symbol. View our list of accessible bus routes (PDF 41.9 Kb) or use our Timetable & Map Search in the top right hand corner.

  • Trip Planning

    Trip planning results and timetables at use trip notes to show accessible trips (normally marked with *1).

    You can plan your trip using only accessible services by doing an advanced search and checking the 'Easy access/wheelchair accessible' option. The results will only show accessible services using buses, trains and ferries.

  • Bus Stop Timetables

    Bus stop timetables use the letter 'a' or the wheelchair symbol to indicate accessible trips.

Accessible buses may also be used on other routes when they are available.

Wheelchair accessible routes

The following routes have accessible trips scheduled. Please click on the link to open the timetable. Wheelchair accessible trips are marked with the wheelchair symbol.

Tips for using Wheelchair Accessible services

  • Plan your trip using the 131500 Trip Planner
  • Look for the international wheelchair symbol displayed on the front and side of buses
  • If you are visually impaired, stay close to the bus stop with your white cane visible so the driver can see you. The driver will stop to enquire of your destination.
If you are wheelchair-bound:

  • Wait for the ramp to be extended and the body of the bus to be lowered
  • Use one of the two priority wheelchair spaces provided on each side of the bus
  • Travel facing the back of the bus and brace your wheelchair against the back of the seat or partition in front of the wheelchair space, close to the side of the bus. Apply wheelchair brakes and secure your wheelchair with the seat belt provided.

Newcastle Ferries

Newcastle Ferries have floating wharves at Newcastle and Stockton to allow for 100% wheelchair accessibility.

Bicycles and battery/electric scooters are permitted to travel where room permits. Petrol driven bikes/scooters are not permitted.

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