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Over 25% of the Newcastle Buses fleet is wheelchair accessible.

As the fleet is upgraded in the future, all of its buses will be fully accessible to people with limited mobility.

Accessible buses have:

  • Stepless low level floors
  • Wide doors and aisles to accommodate wheelchairs with a max length 1250mm, max width 750mm, max weight 200kg and max turning circle 1500mm. Most ride on scooters and go-fors are outside these criteria and are not permitted on Newcastle Buses.
  • Large brightly coloured handrails

Wheelchair accessible tips

Some tips to consider include:

  • Plan your trip and consider connections between wheelchair accessible routes to expand the possibilities of travel
  • Look out for the international wheelchair symbol displayed on the front and side of Newcastle Buses to identify wheelchair accessible buses
  • Signal the bus driver to stop. If you can't, stay close to the bus stop sign
  • When the bus stops, a ramp for wheelchairs is extended and the body of the bus lowered
  • Two priority wheelchair spaces are provided on each side of the bus
  • For safety reasons, travel facing the back of the bus and brace your wheelchair against the back of the seat or partition in front of the wheelchair space and close to the side of the bus. Apply wheelchair brakes while the bus is moving

Wheelchair accessible routes

ROUTE 322 - Monday to Friday
  • Newcastle Station: 12.01pm, 2.01pm
  • Belmont (Lake Macquarie Village): 9.04am, 11.04am
ROUTE 322 - Saturday
  • Newcastle Station: 12.12pm, 2.12pm
  • Belmont (Lake Macquarie Village): 9.16am, 11.16am
ROUTE 322 - Sunday & public holidays
  • Newcastle Station: 12.07pm, 2.07pm
  • Belmont (Lake Macquarie Village): 9.32am, 11.32am
ROUTE 350 - Monday to Friday
  • Newcastle Station: 8.11am, 9.11am, 10,11am, 11.11am, 12.11pm, 1.11pm, 2.11pm
  • Swansea Heads: 9.54am, 10.54am, 11.54am, 12.54pm, 1.54pm, 3.54pm
ROUTE 350 - Saturday
  • Newcastle Station: 8.22am, 9.22am, 10.22am, 11.22am, 12.22pm, 1.22pm, 2.22pm, 3.22pm, 4.22pm
  • Swansea Heads: 8.02am, 9.02am, 10.02am, 11.02am, 12.02pm, 1.02pm, 2.02pm, 3.02pm, 4.02pm
ROUTE 350 - Sunday & public holidays
  • Newcastle Station: 8.47am, 9.47am, 10.47am, 11.47am, 12.47pm, 1.47pm, 2.47pm, 3.47pm, 4.47pm
  • Swansea Heads: 9.18am, 10.18am, 11.18am, 12.18pm, 1.18pm, 2.18pm, 3.18pm, 4.18pm
ROUTE 363 - Monday to Friday
  • Newcastle Station: 10.07am, 11.07am, 12.07pm, 2.17pm
  • Belmont (Alick Street): 9.08am, 10.08am, 12.08pm, 1.08pm
ROUTE 363 - Saturday
  • Newcastle Station: 10.02am, 11.02am, 12.02pm, 2.02pm
  • Belmont (Alick Street): 8.56am, 9.56am, 11.56am, 12.56pm
ROUTE 363 - Sunday & public holidays
  • Newcastle Station: 10.17am, 11.17am, 12.17pm, 2.17pm
  • Warners Bay: 9.37am, 10.37am, 11.37am, 12.37pm
ROUTE 226 - Monday to Friday
  • Charlestown (Smart Street): 5.46am, 6.14am, 6.50am, 7.43am, 8.52am, 9.52am, 10.52am, 11.52am, 12.52pm, 1.52pm, 2.52pm, 3.52pm, 4.52pm, 5.46pm, 6.48pm, 7.50pm, 8.45pm, 9.52pm
  • Newcastle (Scott Street): 7.30am, 8.13am, 9.28am, 10.28am, 11.28am, 12.28pm, 1.28pm, 2.38pm, 3.28pm, 4.28pm, 5.32pm, 6.32pm, 7.35pm, 8.35pm, 9.40pm
ROUTE 226 - Saturday
  • Charlestown (Smart Street): 6.01am, 7.01am, 8.01am, 9.06am, 10.06am, 11.06am, 12.06pm, 1.06pm, 2.06pm, 3.06pm, 4.06pm, 5.06pm, 6.01pm, 7.01pm, 8.01pm
  • Newcastle (Scott Street): 6.44am, 7.34am, 8.34am, 9.34am, 10.34am, 11.34am, 12.34pm, 1.34pm, 2.34pm, 3.34pm, 4.34pm, 5.34pm, 6.34pm, 7.34pm, 8.34pm, 9.34pm
ROUTE 226 - Sunday & public holidays
  • Charlestown (Smart Street): 8.14am, 9.14am, 10.14am, 11.14am, 12.14pm, 1.14pm, 2.14pm, 3.14pm, 4.14pm, 5.14pm, 6.14pm
  • Newcastle (Scott Street): 8.37am, 9.37am, 10.37am, 11.37am, 12.37pm, 1.37pm, 2.37pm, 3.37pm, 4.37pm, 5.37pm, 6.37pm


Newcastle Ferries have floating wharves at Newcastle and Stockton to allow for 100% wheelchair accessibility.

Bicycles and battery/electric scooters are permitted to travel where room permits. Petrol driven bikes/scooters are NOT permitted.

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