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    Customer Service

    Customer Service - Special EventCustomer service is the key component that allows State Transit to deliver what the community wants. In order to deliver services to meet these desires, State Transit employees need to have skills in the areas of interpersonal skills, cultural awareness, communication, conflict resolution, service awareness and negotiation.

    View State Transit's Customer Service Charter.

    State Transit, as a Registered Training Organisation is committed to ensuring that it appropriately identifies, trains and assesses all staff in line with State Transit's service standards for reliability, convenience, efficiency, customer service, comfort, and security and safety.


    Customer Service Initiatives

    • Continued introduction of PrePay-only bus services and the introduction of PrePay-only
    • Ticket Vending Machines have been installed at Bondi Junction Interchange to compliment the Route 333 PrePay-Only service. They are also in use at the Wynyard TransitShop for passengers boarding at Carrington Street, to encourage the pre-purchase of tickets before boarding the bus.
    • Expanding The Ticket Reseller Network - State Transit has expanded the ticket reseller network to make purchasing a prepaid ticket more convenient.

    Passenger Information

    New Destination SignagePassenger information is available through a vast range of channels to cater to a wide range of people. Customers' level of familiarity with our network may influence the information source they choose and in most cases more than one source is chosen.

    Destination signage on board buses in Sydney and Newcastle has also been part of a continual improvement program. Standardisation of electronic signs on our newer buses was completed in June 2007. 


    Bus Stop Information

    UNSW PlinthBus stop information is continually being improved along bus corridors.

    New bus stop signage has been introduced at Manly Wharf and along Bondi Road, Pittwater Road, Military Road, Anzac Parade, Victoria Road and Parramatta Road corridors. Features of the new bus stop signs will include clear timetable information, detailed bus route descriptions, and will show the locations of the nearest ticket retailers.

    An upgrade of passenger information for Sydney Buses services at the Bondi Junction Interchange was completed in October 2006. New wayfinding and directional signage was introduced, along with larger timetable displays. The works were done in conjunction with the new Route 333 PrePay Only service to North Bondi and Circular Quay. Furthermore, an upgraded digital voice announcement system was commissioned which provides general service and safety information to customers, which is particularly useful for those using the Interchange for the first time.

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