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    Customer Service Charter

    Our Commitment

    This Customer Charter defines the standards you can expect on buses.  We aim to work hard to provide friendly, convenient, safe and clean services.  In Sydney, more than 600,000 trips are made each weekday on State Transit services.

    Reliability and Convenience

    Whatever your reason for travel you can rely on State Transit to get you to your destination.  We aim to:
    • Make at least 95% of buses start on time and 80% of services on major transport corridors arrive within five minutes of the published time;
    • Make on the spot adjustments to services to minimise inconvenience and keep you informed about these changes where factors such as traffic affect the punctuality and reliability of services; and,
    • Match service frequency to customers’ travelling patterns and demands to get to their destinations.

    Customer Information

    When choosing the best travel options you can expect that information is accurate, relevant and provided in a number of ways that are adapted to meet your needs. 
    • Timetables, travel advice, and fares are available on the website or by telephoning 131500;
    • Every bus stop is clearly identified and route numbers, destinations and up-to-date timetable information is provided at major stops and interchanges; and,
    • Buses display a clearly identified route number and destination.  Sydney Buses staff can assist in obtaining service information.

    Safety and Security

    You should feel safe and secure using our services.  While buses are amongst the safest forms of travel, we are always striving to improve passenger safety.  Read more about safety and security.

    To do this, we:
    • Have security cameras on all buses;
    • Liaise closely with NSW Police who patrol our buses and conduct joint security operations;
    • Focus on identifying and targeting hazards that might lead to safety related incidents; and,
    • Meet with local community representatives and leaders to get feedback about how we might further improve safety.

    Comfort and Cleanliness

    We want you to travel in clean, well-presented, accessible, and comfortable buses. 

    • Buses are cleaned every day and spring cleaned every five to six weeks.   Graffiti is removed as soon as possible; and
    • All new buses purchased are air-conditioned, environmentally friendly, and accessible.

    Courteous Service

    You are entitled to professional, courteous service from our staff.
    • Our staff are trained in safe driving techniques and customer service;
    • They understand and assist customers’ needs; and,
    • Wear a clean and full uniform when on duty.
    We aim to:
    • Have all our services wheelchair and disability accessible,
    • Introduce more wheelchair accessible bus services to meet Disability Standards for Accessible Transport; and,
    • Provide passenger information in appropriate ‘easy access’ formats.

    Compliments and Complaints

    We welcome your comments.  Your feedback helps us improve services to you.

    To make a compliment or complaint please call 131500 (when prompted press 4) or visit the website.  You can also email or write to us.  See our Contact Us section.

    We aim to:
    • Address 70% of telephone feedback immediately. For those issues that can’t be answered on the spot we will provide more advice in five working days.
    • Reply to letters within 15 working days, and emails within five days.
    • Analyse feedback trends to help with planning improvements.

    Meeting your Changing Needs

    We will continue to review our services in consultation with the community and endeavour to meet the changing needs of the community. 

    Customer Obligations

    Customers must be in possession of a valid ticket while travelling and present it on request

    You are asked to recognise the needs of all passengers and in particular you are requested to:
    • Behave in a respectful manner to other passengers and staff;
    • Allow people with disabilities to travel in the priority areas set aside for them;
    • Keep the bus safe and clean by not depositing litter, keeping luggage or dirty items off seats, and avoiding the use of loud or intrusive devices;
    • Not smoke on the bus or enclosed waiting areas;
    • Not bring or carry toxic, inflammable or hazardous materials on board the bus;
    • Not speak or not distract the driver while the bus is in motion;
    • Give a clear and early signal to board or alight from the bus.

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