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    PrePay simply means having an Opal card or ticket before boarding the bus.

    Some bus routes and some bus stops are PrePay Only, meaning that Bus Operators do not sell cash fares on board.

    Customers are encouraged to PrePay every time they travel, to save time and money.

    PrePay Only Buses

    Some State Transit routes are PrePay Only.  You must use an Opal card or magnetic stripe ticket to use these services.


    The benefits of PrePay include:

    • Quicker boarding times for bus travellers to increase the reliability of bus services.
    • Easy transfer of large notes, instead of requiring change from the driver, who only carries limited change. 
    • Shorter boarding times, so less waiting at bus stops.


    PrePay Only History

    The first trial to speed up boarding times was conducted in 2004 at the Watson Street bus stop on Military Road, Neutral Bay and saw a drop in on-board cash sales from 12% to 4% and average loading times were reduced from 50 seconds to 36 seconds. This involved the sale of single ride magnetic tickets off the bus by staff at State Transit's ticketing booth at Watson Street during the morning peak.

    The outbound Druitt Street bus stop was trialled as a PrePay Only bus stop between the hours of 3.30pm and 6.30pm. This initiative aimed to reduce passenger loading time at the stop and improve on-time service running for the trip.

    In 2006 the first PrePay-only bus, Route 333 was introduced on the busy Bondi to City corridor, to speed up boarding times.  The high frequency service proved popular and so the concept was rolled out to other bus routes across Sydney.

    Since then, the number of ticket resellers across Sydney has been increased so that pre-purchasing tickets is now easier than ever.


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