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      Catching the Bus

      We strive to ensure your journey with us is reliable, safe and comfortable. Whether you're a new or existing customer, the following will assist in ensuring you and your fellow passengers have a pleasant trip.

      Timetable SymbolPlanning your Trip

      Timetables and route maps for all of our services are available on this website. If you're unsure as to the route you are after, you can refer to network maps.  Alternatively, you can plan your trip using the TripPlanner function - this is particularly useful if your journey will consist of several modes or transfers.


      Printed copies of maps and timetables are also available from our some ticket resellers, or by telephoning on 131500. Remember, you can print out timetable and route maps from this website.


      Plinth ImageAt the bus stop

      Timetables are displayed at many bus stops, showing the route number, expected arrival time and destination of the buses that use that stop. We're currently upgrading the information at bus stops along major corridors to include route maps, route details and ticketing information.

      We ask that you arrive at your bus stop no less than five minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, and have your ticket ready prior to joining the bus. When you use a prepaid ticket, not only do you save money, but you also help us to improve the on-time reliability of Signalling Imagethe bus service.

      As a bus approaches the stop, the route number and destination is shown on the front of the bus. The majority of our buses now feature improved electronic destination signage, which scrolls to show the areas the bus travels through.

      When you identify your bus, signal to the driver your intention to board.

      Boarding the busBoarding the bus

      Many of our buses now feature stepless entries, which allow less mobile passengers and people with strollers to board with ease. Refer to our pages for customers travelling with wheelchairs, prams, strollers and ride-on scooters.
      Priority Seating

      Safe and comfortable travel for seniors is a top priority for Newcastle Buses & Ferries. Visit our Seniors section for travel tips.

      Priority seating areas are designated for disabled, elderly or less mobile passengers. This area is indicated by signage and on our newer buses, the seats are red.

      Validate your ticketInsert your pre-purchased ticket into the green ticket reader when you board. Hold your ticket with the arrow facing you and pointing downwards.

      Please move inside the bus and do not obstruct the access areas. Stand clear of red safety areas near the doors.

      If you are standing, it is important to move towards the rear of the bus and hold on to a handrail or hangstrap – this allows others customers to board the bus, and ensures your safety as the bus departs.

      Use the stop buttonLeaving the bus

      As you approach your bus stop, press the red STOP button located on handrails or walls. Please press the stop button well in advance of your bus stop to allow enough time for the driver to stop the bus safely.

      If you’re elderly or less mobile, please remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop.

      Where possible, exit the bus from the rear doors. This will leave the front doors free for intending passengers to board and will reduce the time the bus spends at bus stops, getting you where you need to go faster.


      Lost Property

      Ensure you take all of your personal belongings with you. If you do leave a personal item onboard one of our buses, contact Lost Property.

      If you see an unattended item or baggage, please do not touch it, but notify the bus driver immediately.


      Stay informed

      You can register to receive free email alerts about planned changes to your bus route. We’ll let you know if your timetable changes, or if we’re aware that your service may be disrupted due to planned roadworks or special events.

      You may also visit Hamilton Depot for a full range of timetables, brochures, and ticket information.  


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