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    State Transit Authority of NSW

    Buses in Depot

    The State Transit Authority of New South Wales is the government owned authority responsible for the operations of Sydney Buses and  Newcastle Buses & Ferries.

    With over 2100 buses, State Transit's bus fleet is one of the largest and most modern in Australia.

    Comprising over 300 routes in Sydney and 26 routes in the Greater Newcastle area including the Newcastle-Stockton Ferry, State Transit operates over 15,000 services a day carrying more than 600,000 passengers to their destination.

    State Transit is committed to the NSW Government's State Plan.

    Sydney Buses

    Sydney bus near Circular Quay

    Sydney Buses operates over 99,000 services per week on more than 300 regular routes across the Sydney metropolitan area extending into Parramatta and the West. These routes range from local community connections to commuter services operating into the Central Business District.

    There are over 5,400 school bus services on 708 routes operated each week by Sydney Buses.

    Metrobus services provide direct cross-city and cross-harbour links to a wide range of locations in and around Sydney. 

    For Sydney Buses travel information, including timetables and maps, go to the Sydney Buses site. 

    Newcastle Buses & Ferries

    Newcastle bus at Merewether Beach

    Newcastle Buses operates over 7,000 regular services per week over a large part of the cities of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Newcastle Ferries operates a service across Newcastle Harbour to Stockton.

    There are over 1,400 school bus services on 149 routes operated each week by Newcastle Buses.

    For Newcastle Buses travel information, including timetables and maps, go to the Newcastle Buses site.



    School Student Transport Scheme

    Information on the School Student Transport Scheme is published here.

    School timetables can be accessed from the Sydney Buses and Newcastle Buses websites or by doing an advanced Trip Plan on

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